Before diving head first into our DP years, we went on an orientation trip to Borderlands, Kitulgala. The objective of this trip was to get to know each other better and also have fun. I remember being really nervous and excited at the same time before leaving for the trip. At one point, I even considered not going because the thought of not being with my mum was bothering me a lot. But I’m so glad I went.

28 August 2018,

I reached the school at 6 am and we departed at 6:15 am. The bus ride was mostly fun, but a lot of people were still tired and sleepy. When we reached, we started off with rafting. I was so excited because I’d never done it before.

Picture credits: Mr. Will Duncan

After this was canyoning. When they told me that I’m going to have to jump off a cliff 3 meters from the ground, I mentally gave up. After being asked to do it by several people I reluctantly decided to go for it. It was a noteworthy experience. The sense of achievement that rushed in my bloodstream after I finished the jump was surreal. I did it one more time.

Picture credits: Mr. Will Duncan

When we were done, we were told that we were supposed to swim back to the camp. We were divided into 2 groups and asked to hold our hands and just let the current take us to the camp. During this we all talked about how the day went and took the time to ask each other questions about themselves and the trip. As soon as we reached the camp, we had to write a reflection in our CAS journals.


In the night, when all of us were done with our food, we played an intense round of Jenga. The tension was so thick, you could cut it with a knife. All of us were trying to save ourselves from the guilt of making it fall. But well, this happened.

Picture credits: Mr. Will Duncan

29 August 2018,

We woke up early in the morning and had our breakfast. Before leaving for hiking, we all had to do some warm-up exercises.

Picture credits: Mr. Will Duncan


This day was so physically exerting. We hiked our way to a historic cave on the hills of Kitulgala and had a ToK lesson in which we all had to draw a map, outlining our way to the cave. We were then asked to go around and take a look at the maps made by other people. It was so interesting to see different versions and outputs of the same proposal and it made me understand that peoples’ perception of the world does keep varying.


After visiting the caves, we had our lunch and made our way to abseiling. Again, this was something I’d never done before and just the idea of it was giving me the chills.

Picture credits: Mr. Ian Lockwood


30 August 2018

This was our last day on the camp. Interviewing the local people was in today’s agenda and we were put into groups of 3-4 to do that. Our teachers made sure that every group had at least one Sinhala speaker to make the conversation easier. Disara, Joshua, Divyanshu and I were put into one group and we had to interview a ferry driver. Learning about his lifestyle and talking to him was an experience in itself.


In the end, I was so glad I went. I got to know people better and am more than privileged to be spending my DP years with such beautiful and amazing people. I learnt so many things by putting myself out of the comfort zone and would definitely do it again.

Picture credits: Mr. Will Duncan



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