Home Workouts

In order to try and stay in shape during the quarantine, I have been completing at least a thirty-minute home workout every other day after school.  This was a new challenge for me, as I was unaccustomed to keeping to this type of routine. Therefore, I decided to ease myself into it slowly. At home, […]


Last year, I had the opportunity to participate in an ISTA  TaPs (International Schools Theatre Association) workshop, along with the rest of my class. Our guest artist for the 3-day program was Mr. Joachim Matschoss, who is currently based in Melbourne, Australia.  Our first day consisted of learning the art of Bunraku Puppetry, which originates […]

The Margin!

The Margin is a new club at OSC. Founded to pay homage to the values of diversity, equity, and justice, the aim of the group is to provide support in any way possible to members of marginalized groups (hence the name). The members are all passionate about ensuring that OSC is a safe space for […]

Girls Rise

This year I decided to partake in OSC Girls Rise, a program centered around female empowerment. We will be hearing from a host of guest speakers from diverse backgrounds on their personal and professional stories and experiences with success and failure. The initiative is meant to inspire the next generation of women and equip them […]


At a loss with what to do with myself in yet another government-mandated lockdown, I decided to occupy my time by making healthy smoothies! This fun activity allowed me to sate my sweet tooth without consuming any artificial sugar, in keeping with my goal to lead a more healthy lifestyle overall. I started by inventorying […]

DP1 CAS Goals

Although CAS can be seen as a necessary evil by some, I am quite enthusiastic about making the most of the experiences I will inevitably go through over the next two years. I am eager to grow and change, and I have set the following goals in hopes of successfully doing so. Creativity: I am […]