DP1 CAS Goals

Although CAS can be seen as a necessary evil by some, I am quite enthusiastic about making the most of the experiences I will inevitably go through over the next two years. I am eager to grow and change, and I have set the following goals in hopes of successfully doing so.

I am most excited to participate in activities related to the ‘Creativity’ component of CAS. Though less of a structured goal, I want to push myself to explore my interests across a range of disciplines, such as literature, fashion, art, photography, and even baking. One concrete goal I have is to participate in the upcoming ISTA workshops available to DP students. I have signed up for these in the hopes that they will allow me to witness the expansion of my Theatre course’s curriculum outside the classroom, as well as enable me to develop my skills in the field and gain more confidence.

Being in a series of lockdowns this year has definitely made it challenging to be active- particularly as I am someone who tends to neglect my physical health. I have slowly come to realize that staying active is not only necessary for leading a healthy life, but a balanced one, and want to make it more of a priority this year. I am going to aim to complete at least two 45-minute long workout sessions a week as well as doing light yoga recreationally and regularly. This will hopefully help me to become fitter and release stress- something that is essential as an IB student!

My goal, first and foremost, is to re-orient and re-familiarize myself with the volunteer opportunities offered by the school in order to determine which organization I would like to dedicate my time over the next two years to.

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